Local Produce

Side Hill Farmers sources all of its produce from the lush and diverse farms of Central New York. We receive seasonal produce weekly from our family-owned farms, most of whom practice organic vegetable production. And we do have plenty of produce through the winter, thanks to our farmers’ greenhouse production and cold-storage facilities). You will taste the terroire of the CNY region in each piece of produce, whether from the rolling hills of Fenner or from the lake-level plains of Cato and Lakeport.

We’re like a six-day-a-week farmers market: if we can’t source it locally, you won’t see it on our shelves. (And so in midwinter you will find root vegetables from our farmers’ hot houses and cold storage facilities, but you won’t find fruit from Central America!).
Below we have listed our most-frequent vegetable and fruit suppliers, and the produce we generally have on our shelves.

Please note that the availability of our produce is based on seasonality and farmers’ cold-storage capacity. Ask our Chefs about recipes that utilize our array of seasonal produce to make wonderful seasonal dishes.

Click below to see some of the local vegetable farmers we are so proud to support.

We get our produce from over 30 CNY farms. Below is a list of some of our more frequent suppliers.

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