The staff at Side Hill Farmers is, to a person, dedicated to the principle of sustainable food; each is passionate about their role in bringing high-quality local meat and healthy homemade food to the Syracuse-area community.  Our craft butchers practice whole-animal utilization and welcome customer requests for special cuts; our chefs prepare fresh meals made daily with local ingredients; and our front-of-house staff can tell you about our dozens of meat cuts, offer preparation and cooking instructions, and tell you which local farms the meat and produce come from.  They are a smart and committed bunch, excited to be a conduit between local small farms and the CNY community.

Greg Rhoad

Greg Rhoad - Managing Chef

Greg Rhoad comes to us with a bushel-load of experience and local-foods passion. He cut his restaurant-biz teeth as a young teenager at his uncle’s restaurant in Baltimore, and later trained at Johnson and Wales University’s culinary program. He worked at the Inn at Little Washington in Virginia, opened Rosalie’s Cucina in Skaneateles 18 years ago, and then spent eight years as Executive Chef for the Inns of Aurora. He says that his position as Managing Chef of SHF Meats & Market satisfies both sides of his brain: the creative side and the business side. “I love being a chef, cooking, creating, and I love running the business.”