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Our Lamb

Lamb at Side Hill Farmers is sourced from a few farms in Madison County, NY as well as in the Finger Lakes region. The lambs are raised on our lush CNY pasture, and given new grass and legumes daily with some grain and mineral supplement to round out their nutritional needs. The lambs are never fed antibiotics or administered hormones or growth promotants.

Our lamb cuts list is below. Please note that the cuts of lamb we feature in the case can change daily. And we love “special cuts” and cut-to-order requests: if you have a specific need or desire, or if the lamb cut you’re looking for is not in the case, call us or talk to one of our Butchers. We will be delighted to cut it for you.

We are so proud of our local pasture-raised lamb and the sustainable farms on which they are grown! Much as we might love the Kiwis, there is no New Zealand lamb here! Click below to see the locally-owned CNY farms that raise the lamb you’ll find in our shop.

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