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Housemade Deli Meats

Do you dream of fresh bacon, hot dogs with trustworthy ingredients, and sandwich meats produced somewhere near Syracuse? All the deli meat at Side Hill Farmers are made completely in house and from antibiotic-free meat. We are roasting our own roast beef, smoking our own hams, curing our own jerky, and handcrafting our own salami, liverwurst, and bologna. And the ingredients? Meat, salt, herbs and spices.

Below is the extensive list of our house-made deli cuts. Our daily selection of deli meats in our case is based on ingredient availability and production. If you have a special order, do let us know, we will be happy to oblige.

And what about a fresh homemade sandwich using only local-produced deli meats? We must be one of the top all-local and only-local cafes in the entire Syracuse area! We use our deli products to make our sandwiches and hot sandwich specials. Click below to see our gourmet sandwiches, or to see what today’s hot sandwich special is.

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