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Side Hill Farmers is a local-meats butcher shop and food market located near Syracuse, New York. We provide custom-cut meat and house-made deli products, ready-to-eat food made from scratch, and seasonal produce. By sourcing everything from nearby farms, we strive to have a positive impact on the local farm economy and change the way people think about their food. Whether you come to us for fresh meats, local grocery items, or something delicious for lunch or dinner, you can trust that your food is coming from farms located right here in Central New York.

Today’s Hot Soup & Sandwich
Saturday, July 22

Roast Beef Melt… our thinly sliced house roast beef on sourdough with provolone cheese, red onions, banana peppers, arugula and chimichurri!


Italian Wedding Soup

Tavern Chili

Frittata… farm fresh eggs, Italian sausage, broccoli, arugula and cheddar!

In The Case…. Stop into your favorite butcher shop today and pick yourself up a top shelf steak!  You deserve it.  Something like our dry aged top sirloin.  Top sirloin is well known among steak lovers for its depth of flavor and fantastic texture.  We dry age ours for at least 28 days in order up the tenderness and intensify the flavor.  Come in and get one cut to order!